Current Songsheets

Songsheets, which can be downloaded,  are listed below in Microsoft Word format.

 Complete beginners should start with songs which require only 2 simple chords.

The chords used are listed within brackets.

You can listen to, and play along to, some of the songs, on the Video tab.

Other songs will be added here as the class progresses.

59th Street Bridge Song – Feelin’ Groovy – Words only

Alexander’s Ragtime band (C, F, G7, C7, D7)

All I Have To Do Is Dream v1.1 (C,Am,F,G7,Dm)

are-you-lonesome-tonight-tennessee-waltz (G, Gmaj7, G6, E7, Am, Am7, D7, C, A7, G7, C#dim, B7, Em7)

auld-lang-syne (C, G7, C7, F, E7, Am)

Bad Moon Rising Key D (D, A, G)

Bad Moon Rising Key G (G, D, C)

Ballad of Jed Clampett (C, F, G7)

Banks of the Ohio Key C v1.1 (C, G7, C7, F)

Beautiful Sunday in G (G, C, D A)

black-velvet-band (C, G, Am, F)

blame-it-on-the-ukulele-v1-2(C, G7, C7, F)

Blowin’ in the Wind Key C (C, F, Am, G)

Bob Dylan Medley Version 1.2 (C, F, Am, G, Dm, G7)

Bonnie Dundee Key C (C, F, G)

Botany Bay (in G) (G, D7, C)

Bring Me Sunshine v1.1 Key G (A7, D7, G, Am, C, G7)

Buddy Holly Medley Key D version 1.2 (D, G, D7, Bb, A, A7)

Bye Bye Love Key C (C, G7, F, C7)

Caledonia (C, G, Am, F)

Can’t Help Falling In Love v1.1 (F, C, G7, Em, Am, G, B7, A7, Dm)

Chatanooga Choo-Choo (A7, Am7, B7, C, C7, Cm, D7, Em, F, F#dim, G, G7, Gdim)

City Medley V2

Clementine Key F (F, C7)

Clementine Key G (G, D7)

Cottonfields in C Version 1.2 (C, F, 7, C7)

Country Roads (D, G, A, Bm, D7, A7)

Da Doo Ron Ron Key C v1.1 (C, F, G)

Da Doo Ron Ron Key G (G, C, D)

Daisy Daisy and Knees Up Medley (C, G7, F, Am, D7)

Dance the Night Away Key F (F,C7)

Daydream Believer Version 1.1 (C, F, G, Am, Dm, Em, C7)

Deep in the Heart of Texas Key C (C, G7)

dee-ukes-ukulele-band-version-2-1 (C, F, G7, C7, D7)

Dirty Old Town ((C, F, G, Am)

Doris Day Medley (D, G, A7, D7, Em, E7, Bm)

Down by the Riverside Key C v1.1 (G7, C, F)

Down in the Valley Key F v1.1 (F,C7)

Dumbarton’s Drums Key C v1.2 (C, F, G, G7)

Dundee Songs (C,F,G)

Dundee Songs Additional Verses only

Eight Days a Week (in C) (C, D7, F, Am)

Elvis Presley Mega Medley Version 1.3 (C, G7, C7, F7, D7, G)

Feelin’ Groovy (C, G, C6)

Flower of Scotland Key D (D,A,G,A7,C)

Flower of Scotland Key G (G,D,C,D7,F)

fly-me-to-the-moon Key F (Dm, Gm7, C7, F, F7, Bb, C9, A7, D7)

fly-me-to-the-moon-key-g-v1-1 (G, B7, Em, D7, Am7, G7, E7, Am [or D9], C)

georgy-girl-v1-1 (C, Em, F, G, Bb, G7, E, A, Am, Am7)

Grandma’s Feather Bed (C, F, G7, D7)

Gypsy Rover (C, G7, F)

hallelujah-ukulele-parody (G, Em, C, D, B7, D7)

Happy Birthday Key C, G, D

happy-birthday-jolly-good-fellow ( C, G7, F, G)

He’s Got the Whole World in his Hands Key C v1.1 (G7, C)

Hey Jude (in G) (G, D, Em, G7, F, D7, Am7)

History (G, B7, Em, Dm7, C, D, Am, D7)

Home Medley (C, C7, F, D7, G7, E7, Am, G, Dm)

home-medley-denis-v1-1 (Denis P’s version)

Hooked on a Feeling Version1.1 (C, Cmaj7, C7, F, Fm, G7, Caug, Em)

horse-medley-v1-1 (C, F, G7, Am, D7, Dm)

House of Gold version 1.1 (C, F, Am, G, A7, Dm, Bbm)

How much is that Doggy Key C (C, G7)

Human (Bm, G, Em, D, F#)

I Guess It Doesn’t Matter Anymore version 1.1 (C, G, Dm, Am, Em, G7, G6, F)

I Have a Dream Key C (C, G7, F)

I’m Into Something Good Key D (D, G, D7, A, E7)

I Wanna be Like You (D7, G7, E7, C, Am)

Jamaica Farewell version1.3docx (D, G, C, Am)

Jambalaya Key F (F, C7)

Killiecrankie v1.1 (C, F, G, G7)

Last Thing On My Mind in A v1.1 (A, D, E7)

Last Thing On My Mind in C (C, F, G7)

Last Thing On My Mind in G (G, C, D7)

Lava (C, G, F, G7)

leaning-on-a-lampost-version-1-1 in G (G, Em, A7, D7, Em7, D, Am7)

leaving-on-a-jet-plane-v1-2 ((C, F, G7)

Let it Be Key C (C, G, Am, F)

Lili Marlene Key G version 1.1 (G, D7, C Am7)

Loch Lomond Key C version 1.2 (C, G, Dm, Am, F, G7, Em)

Loch Lomond in C Simplified version 1.1 (C, G, Dm, Am, F, G7)

Love Letters In The Sand Key C (G7, C, F, D7, E7, Am)

Make You Feel My Love (A7, D7, G, D, F, C, Cm, B7)

Mingulay Boat Song v1.2 Key C (C, G7, F)

Mockingbird Key D (D, A7)

Molly Malone version 1.1 (C, Am, Dm, G, Em)

My Grandfather’s Clock (C, D7, F, G) – Perth version at the moment

My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose v1.1 (in G) (G, Em, C, D7, D, Bm)

Newport Braes Key C v1.2 (C,F,G)

New York New York and Fly me To The Moon version 1.1 (D, Em, D7, A, G, Am7, E7, Gm, F#m, G7, B7)

Northern Lights of Aberdeen I Belong to Glasgow ( F, C, Am, D, G, D7, G7, Em, E or E7)

Northern Lights of Aberdeen I Belong to Glasgow Simplified (F, C, D, G7)

Old Folks at Home and Red Red Robin in C v1.2 (C, G7, F, Fm)

One Way or Another v2 in D (F, D, Bb, Dm7, C, Am, G, A, E)

On The Road Again (C, F, G7, E7, Dm)

Playground Songs version1.2 (C, F, G, G7)

puttin-on-the-style-v1-1 (A, E7, D)

Que Sera Sera v1.1 (in A) (A, E7, Bm, D, A7)

Red River Valley Key D v1.1(D, A, D7, G, D A7)

Revolution-Medley C v 4.1

rhythm-of-the-rain-v1-1(C, Am,, G, F, C7, Em, Dm)

Road and the Miles to Dundee v1.1 (C, F, G7, C7, D)

Rock Around the Clock (C, C7, F, G7)

rockin-all-over-the-world-v1-1 (C, C7, F, D7, G)

Roses O’ Prince Charlie version 2.1 in C (C, F,  G7)

Roses O’ Prince Charlie version1.1 in G (G, C, D7)

Sam the Skull v2 (C, G7, F)

Save the Last Dance for Me Key C v1.1(C, G7, C7, F)

Scarborough Fair version 1.1(Am, G, C, D)

Scotland the Brave Version 1.1 Key G + KeyA (C, G, D, D7, Em, E7, A, E, F#m, B7)

Scottish Singalong Songs (C, F, G7, D, G, Dm, D7)

She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain v1.1 Key C (G7, C, F)

Side by Side C v1.1 (F, Cdim, C, A7, G, D7, E7, G7)

Singing in the Rain Key G (G, D7)

Singing the Blues (in C)

Skye Boat Song (in C) (C, Am, F, G, Dm)

Sloop John B Key C v1.1 (C, F, C7, Dm, G, G7)

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Medley in G Version 1.1 (G, C, Em, B7, D, Bm, Cm)

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Medley in C (C, G, Am, F, Em7)

Spread a Little Happiness Version 1.2 (C, Em, Am, C7, F, Em7b5, A7, Am7, Dm, G7, G7+5, Edim7, Ab)

Stand by Me Key C  (C, Am, F, G7)

Sunny Afternoon (Am, E7, G7, C, D7)

The Bare Necessities (C, C7, A7, D7, F, Dm, G)

These Boots Are Made For Walking v1.1 (C, A, D)

Those Were The Days my Friend version 1.1(A7, Dm, Dm7, D, D7, Gm, E7, C, C7 F)

Top of the World version 1.2 (C, G, F, Em, Dm, C7)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Key C (C, F, G)

Waltzing Matilda C v1.2 (C,G7,F)

Wartime Medley 1 v1.1 ( Key C only)

Wartime Medley 1 version 2.3 Key D and C

Wartime Medley 2 v1.1

We’ll Meet Again Medley (E7, A7, F#7, D, B7, D7, G, A, Bm, F#m, B, C#m)

were-no-awa-tae-bide-awa-v1-2 (C, G, Am, D, C7, F, Dm)

We’re Not Gonna Take It in C v1.5

What Shall we do with the Drunken Sailor Key C (C, Dm)

What Shall we do with the Drunken Sailor Key G (G, Am)

When I’m Cleaning Windows in C  (C, C7, F, D7, A7, E7, Cdim7)

When I’m Sixty Four (in C) (C, G7, G, Dm, F, C7, E7, Am, A)

When I’m Sixty Four (in F) v1.2 (G, C7, F, F7, Bb, D, E7, Am, Dm, Gm, C, A7)

when-you-walk-in-the-room1-3-dp (C, Em, F, G7, G, Am)

Whiskey in the Jar (C, Am, F, G)

Wild Rover Key D v1.1 (D,G,A7)

Wild Side of Life (in C) (C, C7, F, G7)

Wild Side of Life C and D v2.2 (C, C7, F, G, D, D7, A)

With A Little Help From My Friends (in G)Version1.1 (F, C, G, D, D7, Am, A, Em)

Wooden Heart (C, F, G7)

Ye Banks and Braes Key D (D,A7,G,A)

Yellow on the Broom (in C) (G, G7, C, Am, F, Dm)

You Are My Sunshine Key C changing to Key D (C, G7, C7, F, A7, D, D7, G)

You Made Me Love You & Baby Face v1.3 (G, D7, E7, Am, A, Em, B7)

Perth U3A Ukuleles Songsheets


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