Church Week

This week Dee Ukes were entertaining at St Luke’s  Cafe Church in Downfield where our audience was more than happy to sing along with us and have a bit of fun. Despite being initially somewhat shy about dancing the Slosh, no sooner had we started when a number of volunteers got up to have a go. Of course, our Bob had to get up and join them. Lovely! Many thanks to Gill and others for the tea/coffee. Thanks also for the ‘special biscuits treat’ to take away and share.


Dee Ukes @ St Luke’s Cafe Church, Downfield 11/10/2017

Our second Church gig of this week was in St James’ Church in Broughty Ferry. What a lovely venue and such an enthusiastic audience! It’s fantastic when a sea of faces smile back at us and sing along with gusto. We enjoyed a lovely cup of tea with cakes and biscuits before getting back to another singalong. Again, despite initial shyness, Marge soon persuaded several volunteers, including a young girl, to have a go at the Slosh. We even had another couple doing their version at the back of the Church. Fantastic! Many thanks to Sandra for inviting us along and to everyone for a very generous donation. Thanks also to David for the vote of thanks, especially the ‘ukulele jokes’. 🙂

Dee Ukes @ St James’ Church, Broughty Ferry 12/10/2017


Great start to October!

Dee Ukes have been busy this month already! On Sunday 1st October we were entertaining at the UN International Day of the Older Person. The entire afternoon was organised to get people over the age of 50 trying out new activites. We also provided a short workshop where we inspired at least one of the volunteers to get his own ukulele! Many different organisations were involved and the whole afternoon was a great success. The video below was taken by DVA Dundee and posted on Facebook. Many thanks to them.


Dee Ukes were also back at Midlin Day Care on 4th October. It is good to see familiar faces in the audience as well as some new ones. The dance floor is always quite busy at Midlin. Our Pat and Bob took to the dance floor to encourage others to do the Slosh. We had a few volunteers including two of the young girls who help out there. Well done all!

4th Oct 2017

Dee Ukes @ Midlin Day Care 04/10/17

October is going to be a very exciting month for Dee Ukes. Watch this space. 🙂

Exciting 2

October 2

What Fun We Have!


Dee Ukes have had a few more fun-packed days recently. We were lucky enough to be the final act at the September Sunday Sessions Folk Club. What a brilliant evening it was!



If you wish to hear the other acts, please go to

Dee Ukes took part in a fabulous concert at Longforgan Church on Wednesday, 28th September. The concert was organised by Anne Hamilton.



If you would like to see the other acts, go to

Dee Ukes also entertained at Tarriebank House, Marywell, Arbroath on Thursday 28th September. This was our first visit to this venue and as always there were a few notable characters in the audience. Bill loved Scottish music and delighted us when he sang Ae Fond Kiss as a solo performance. Well done Bill! Elizabeth was pleased when we sang You Are My Sunshine, which happens to be her favourite song. Needless to say she was word perfect. 🙂


Thanks again to all my faithful Dee Ukers who travel all over, often using our sat navs, which usually work well, but Tarriebank proved to be quite elusive!

We all got there eventually. 🙂

News Flash!

Dee Ukes had a mention in today’s Courier as we are taking part in an event to celebrate the UN International Day of the Older Person. See news paper clipping and event details below.

I love our new name Dee Ukes Ukulele Experience – may use that from time to time. 🙂


Programme for UN International Day (1)-page-001

Programme for UN International Day (1)-page-002

Why not come along and join us as well as try out some of the fun activities.


St John’s Church, Forfar

Dee Ukes had a brilliant evening in Forfar when we entertained over 60 people in St John’s Church Hall. The ‘Open Evening’ had been organised to raise funds for the Forfar Disabled Club. Angus demonstrated his conducting and dancing skills. Rhona and her husband were on the dance floor several times. We had the best ever response to The Slosh with Pat and Marge leading the way, closely (or not in some cases!) followed by around eight other volunteers. Our rock ‘n’ roll songs went down a storm, with some taking to the floor, others content to wave their arms in the air and some showing off their hand jives.


Many thanks to the committee for organising the evening which included tea, sandwiches & cakes as well as a raffle. Quite a few Dee Ukes members were lucky, including George who always seems to win a prize. 🙂 A total of £430 was raised for the Disabled Club. Well done all!


Dee Ukes @ St John’s Church Hall, Forfar 21/09/17

Thanks also to my Dee Ukes friends for contributing to yet another great gig.

thank you

Dundee Uke Bus

Some members of Dee Ukes had a most unusual bus journey at the weekend. Thanks to John McBeath, we were invited along to take a trip on a Vintage bus, along with some members of Happy Ukes and Cupalele (U3A uke group from Cupar, Fife), starting at the Fife end of the Road Bridge. It was quite surreal playing our ukes and singing our hearts out as we crossed over the Road Bridge and headed towards Magdalen Green. There we got off the bus and had the privilege of singing a few more songs on the Bandstand. Then it was back on the bus again and off to the Esplanade where once again we got off to sing a few more songs opposite the Barnhill Rock Garden. See how many faces you recognise from the photos below. It was great fun to sing and play along with other uke enthusiasts. 🙂

Uke Bus pictures


Here is a video taken as we cross the bridge.


10/09/17 Round Up:

New gigs:

  • Friday 3rd November 2017, evening – charity concert – details to follow
  • Friday 2nd March 2018 @ Panbride Church Hall, Carnoustie 11am – 12 noon.

I am pleased to say that today we managed to practise all of our songs for the Scottish Parliament, many of which will also be included in our Space concert. Next week we will cover the remaining songs for the Space concert along with those we need to spend extra time on.

On Tuesday 3rd October, we will sit/stand in the order we plan to be in  for the Scottish Paliament. There may be 27 of us, so I hope to have 9 standing at the back of the stage, 9 seated on the stage and 9 seated in front of the stage. I hope to run through our playlist to get an idea of time.

On Tuesday 10th October, we will sit in the format we will be in at the Space. There will be 29 of us, so either 1 row of 15 with 14 behind or three rows of 9, 10, 10. We will try out both to see which we prefer. Then I hope to run through our Space concert playlist.

This will give us 17th Oct to have a final practice for Scottish Parliament and 24th October to have a final Space concert practice.

Many thanks to everyone today for their hard work. Everything is coming together beautifully.


St Margaret’s Church

Dee Ukes had a brilliant afternoon at St Margaret’s Church in Forfar. The church hall was packed out with many cheery church members who were there to have a good time. Needless to say, they were soon singing along and joining in with the fun. The stars of the afternoon were Liz Ross, Margaret and Margaret who took to the floor for Beautiful Sunday and did a grand job of the Slosh. Well done ladies!

Dee Ukes @ St Margaret’s Church, Forfar 11/09/17

12/09/17 Round Up:

  • Dundee Vintage Ukebus – John McBeath has sent out songbooks. We will meet at 1.45pm on Saturday 16th September in the car park at the Fife end of the Tay Road Bridge. Our first stop will be Magdalen Green where we have permission to play in the bandstand.  Woohoo! Next stop is Broughty Harbour area, then back to the car park for about 4.15pm.
  • New gigs:
    • Friday 3rd November in the evening – part of the entertainment for charity concert – more details to follow
    • Sunday 25th February 2018 – Balgay Bowling Club – starting at 2pm
  • There are only 6 tickets left for sale for our Dee Ukes for Maggie’s Dundee Concert.
  • Discussion re purchasing sound monitors to face us when we are playing, so that we can hear each other. I will take further advice.

Songs practised:

  • Memory Songs – keep practising without songsheets – we’ll get there.
  • We’re Not Going To take It – sounding really good now.
  • Bob Dylan Medley version 1.2 – mouthorgan is played for intro and outro – sounding good.
  • Hooked On A Feeling –  no problems.
  • Revolution Medley in C version 4.1 – coming together really well – just needs a few more practices.
  • Buddy Holly Medley version 1.2 – having little arrows where we have a slight pause has helped us to all sing it the same way.
  • The Bare Necessities – sounding good.
  • On the Road Again – still a few timing issues, but just needs practice.

It was good to have Anne with us to play her bass. We will focus on listening for the beat of the bass to help keep us together.

Well done everyone for contributing to a productive class.

See you soon. 🙂