Fintry Gala Day & Riverview Care Home

Dee Ukes have had a busy few days starting with Fintry Church Gala Day on Saturday 19th August. Fortunately the rain stayed away for most of the day and there was no shortage of people enjoying the many different activities on offer outside: kiddies rides, bouncy castle, climbing wall and fund raising stalls from various community groups.

The indoor music entertainment was provided by the Finmill Guitar Group, U3A Folksingers, Strings Entwined and Dee Ukes. It was great to hear such a variety of songs and musical arrangements. Everyone did really well and those who managed to locate where the entertainment was seemed to enjoy what was on offer. You can see and hear some of the action below.

You can see how much fun we have from the pics below.


On Monday 21st August Dee Ukes were back across the river for another visit to the residents of Riverview Lodge Care Home. Jenny always makes us feel so welcome and works hard at involving the residents who were engaging well with our songs. As we didn’t have our rainmaker with us, Jenny came to the rescue and found a plastic shaker to improvise making rain sounds. Unfortunately it sounded more like a wild hurricane! 10 out of 10 for effort Jenny. You gave everyone a good laugh with that and also with your ‘Morecambe & Wise Dance’. A star in the making! 🙂


Dee Ukes @ Riverview Care Home, Newport 21/08/17


22/08/17 Round up:

  • We spent quite a bit of time discussing ‘business matters’ including photoshoot and arrangements for Edinburgh.
  • Songs practised:
    • Memory songs – We tried out Pat’s idea re delivery of the songs and it worked well, but we need to be able to play both from memory, so keep practising.
    • Elvis Mega Medley – version 1.3 is on the website if anyone doesn’t have it. We tidied up the transition on page 2 and it is working well.
    • We’re Not Going To Take It – no problems. We just need to keep practising.
    • Bob Dylan Medley – We took some time to sort out some phrasing issues and also experimented with introducing mouth organ parts. I have done a version 1.1 which is now on the website.

As always, Dee Ukes are very busy with all sorts of fun activities happening. Thanks everyone. 🙂

Back to Brander HA

Dee Ukes had a return visit to Brander HA Sheltered Housing in Forfar. It was lovely to see our audience proudly wearing colourful garlands. They were having a summer party and were definitely in party mood, which is what we like! 🙂 We soon got going with our songs and everyone was singing along. The smile never left Irene’s face. She said later that her dad used to sing a lot of our songs when he came home having had a drink or two! They brought back so many happy memories for her.  Lovely! That’s what it’s all about. We also discovered that a few of the ladies were into their 90s with one lady who will be the grand age of 100 in 5 months time.

Everyone, including us, was then treated to a wonderful spread of sausage rolls, sandwiches and cakes. Thanks Denise for  your hospitality.

Dee Ukes @ Brander HA 17/08/17

15/08/17 Round Up

  • As our photoshoot had to be cancelled due to the rain, I have rescheduled it for Thursday 24th August at 10.30am. The weather forecast is for cloud, but that would be ok. Hopefully we can meet at Riverside opposite Tesco, but I will check the area again before next week as there are more traffic restrictions due to ongoing work.
  • New gigs:
    • Thursday 30th November 2017 2pm @ Lochee Parish Church – Dundee Stroke Recovery Club
    • Friday 19th January 2018 2pm @ St David’s High Kirk, Kinghorne Road – Friendship Club
    • Monday 12th March 2018 2pm-3.15pm @ Lousen Park, Carnoustie
  • Songs practised:
    • Memory songs
    • Elvis Mega Medley – We have shortened this one by taking out the verse beginning ‘Well it’s one for the money’ on page 1 (the second time we sing it) We have also taken out the verse after the instrumental on page 2. The instrumental will have to end with D7 (instead of G7) prior to starting Teddy Bear. It is now Version 1.3. (available on website)
    • Those Were the Days My Friend – Some are not too enamoured with this song as it is, so next week we may try a few changes. One suggestion is for volunteers to sing solo verses.
    • Buddy Holly Medley – Coming along well. We sorted out a few timing issues and I have introduced a couple of <A>s to the following line ‘And a little bit of loving makes everything right <A> I’m going to see my <A> baby tonight’.  (near the bottom of the page). Version 1.1 now available on website, although changes could just be written on.
    • The Bare Necessities – coming along, but we still need to sort out what the tune is for the ‘speaking parts’ on the video as it wouldn’t work if we all try to speak certain sections.
    • On the Road Again – New song – We listened to the video of Willie Nelson singing it to help us with timings. Here is the link if you missed the class or wish to listen again.  On The Road Again
    • Hallelujah – Ukulele Parody – New song – Good first attempt at this song.
    • Revolution Medley – Here is the link to ‘Something In The Air’     We listened to the Beatles version of Revolution to help with the tune. Here is the link  Beatles Revolution   Apologies for emailing the wrong version to everyone. I have now renamed the file ‘Rovolution Medley and added it to the website where you can print it off.
    • We’re Not Going to Take It – keep practising – it’s going to be really good
    • Hooked On a Feeling – still loving the ooga chakas! 🙂

We had the pleasure of the company of two young boys who brought along their ukuleles and joined in. Well done Luke and Ben. Luke even treated us all to a solo performance. Very impressive!

Here is a link to a short promotional video for the Festival of Politics.

Here is a link to the Festival of Politics Programme. fop2017 (1)     We get a mention on page 18 and also page 19 (the fabulous Dee Ukes workshop!)

Trip Across the River

Dee Ukes didn’t have a class today due to a short summer break. However, some of us still managed to get our ukulele fix by heading off on a lovely sunny afternoon to Balnacarron Care Home in St Andrews. The residents there are always pleased to see us with comments such as “We love you”.  🙂 Kevin was ready with his percussion ‘skittles’ and provided a bit of rhythm work as well as the occasional singing ‘echo’. Ken’s favourite comment after some of the songs was “lovely jubbly”. I assume he is a Del Boy fan. 🙂 Maggie had terrific hand jive actions. Dorothy didn’t stop smiling or singing throughout the afternoon. Ursula informed us she is from Wales and is over the age of 85! Mary was also an enthusiastic singer. All in all we had a lovely time performing to lovely people. Aren’t we lucky. 🙂


Dee Ukes @ Balnacarron Care Home, St Andrews 08/08/17


Many thanks to Cathy Hamilton MBE who sent me a copy of the latest Cairn Fowk newsletter. I thought you might be interested in having a look at all the work they do. Dee Ukes also get a special mention following our entertainment at their Conference earlier in the year. Cairn Fowk July newsletter 2017

Hope to see you all next week. I will be in touch re next week’s arrangements.


Lousen Park, Carnoustie

Dee Ukes were playing today for the first time at Lousen Park Sheltered Housing in Carnoustie. What a lovely bright room we were in and the audience proved to be great fun, singing along to all of our songs and laughing at the brilliant and not so brilliant jokes! We even spotted several people dancing along the path outside of the room we were in.

Before we started, we spotted this lovely message hanging on their wall. So true!




We certainly had plenty of fun and laughter with requests to come back and entertain again in the future. We also were treated to delicious cakes, tea and coffee. We’ll definitely be back. Special thanks to Katy Barry and her husband Bob for their hospitality.


Dee Ukes @ Lousen Park Sheltered Housing, Carnoustie 31/07/2017



Dee Ukes Summer Party

Well, Dee Ukes sure know how to party! We had such a great time on Tuesday @ Finmill Centre where Denis started proceedings by singing a specially composed song for Liz who recently had a birthday ( not a special one as had been thought – there’s a clue in the song if you listen carefully ) However, it was still greatly appreciated. Thanks Denis. 🙂

I have had problems with uploading the videos and they won’t play in the normal way, but hopefully by clicking on the link Denis sings a song for Liz you will see and hear his clever words.

As if birthday surprises last week weren’t enough, I was then presented with a whole bag full of goodies.

Each gift came with a clue – see below.

  1. Some new instruments for you.












2. Hope this is useful in an emergency.


Complete with Chord book, strings, strap, finger pick, tuner and 1 extra little gift – a Winner’s badge. Did I mention we won an Award recently?


3. This will help you get down from the ceiling. (Moi, get high! Never!)


4. Your favourite saying.


5. After a long day.


A lovely bag to keep it all in.


As if all of the above wasn’t enough,  I also received a voucher for M & S. Lucky me! Thank you all so much for your generosity, sense of humour and endless fun. 🙂


On with the party pieces. Just click on the names and you should be taken to the videos. We had no shortage of people willing to do a turn. Everyone was fantastic! You will have to click on the back arrow after each video to get back to the Blog.

Jim singing Crinan Canal for Me and Messing About on the River.

Margaret singing  New Zealand song called Pamia. Margaret is also wearing a Maori dress.

George singing Please Don’t Bury Me.

Alan playing Yellow Rose of Texas.

Alice & Denis singing City of New Orleans.

After we had all tucked into lots of delicious food, the party pieces continued.

John started the second half by singing The Fields of Athenry.

Brenda followed on with a hilarious rendition of The Cock-adoodle-doo Song.

Bob singing On The Road Again.

Maggie singing an Irish song called Come By The Hills.

Barbara singing For You. 

Just 3Folk singing The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

Hopefully, you can all see the videos. I’m sure you will agree we have lots of talented people in Dee Ukes. 🙂

Many thanks again to all for a great party and if you are not attending any of the next three gigs, then I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 15th August.

Glebe House Gig


Dee Ukes @ Glebe House, Kirriemuir 26/07/17

Dee Ukes managed to fit in another gig this week when we returned to visit Glebe House Day Care Centre in Kirriemuir. Our audience soon settled down with their percussion instruments ready to be our backing group. As well as some regular songs we played a few new songs and I’m pleased to say we literally got the thumbs up from them. Helen was particularly enthusiastic about joining in with the singing and shaking her maracas (which were really plastic bottles filled with rice or peas). Helen took to the dance floor for the very last song and was joined by Willie. It was lovely to see all the smiling faces in front of us throughout our little concert. Great fun as always.






Great Way To Spend My Birthday!

Today Dee Ukes took a trip to St Mary’s Care Home in Monifieth. Once we were set up the staff handed out percussion instruments to the residents. Elizabeth was the first to demonstrate her remarkable sense of rhythm and timing as she joined in enthusiastically with her tambourine. It is great to have a backing group! Everyone joined in with the singing as well as trying out their percussion instrument. Esther and Celeste took to the dance floor on numerous occasions with some very slick moves. Esther travelled the length of the room to play along directly in front of Pat, and was also singing to Pat. This is becoming a habit! Not to be outdone, three Dee Ukes’ members also took to the floor to demonstrate the slosh. Much to our delight, some of the residents were giving it a go! Well done all. The staff there were also very enthusiastic, encouraging the residents to sing and dance if they were able.

To my great surprise and delight my fantastic ukulele friends invited all the residents and staff to join with them in singing Happy Birthday to me. A birthday cake was then presented as well as flowers and cards. It was certainly a great way to spend my birthday. Thank you so much to all who organised this surprise! Another first! 🙂

Dee Ukes @ St Mary’s Care Home, Monifieth 20/07/17

Pat helping me to hold up my Birthday cake.

Me and my lovely cake!

Flowers and a cake! Lucky me!


18/07/17 Round Up:

  • We welcomed Brenda to our class as she is learning the ukulele and hopes to join Tay Ukes in September.
  • New gig – Thursday 2nd November 2-3pm @ Seaton Grove Care Home, Seaton Grove, Arbroath
  • The time for Relay for Life on Saturday 26th August has been confirmed as 3.30-4.30pm
  • Another new gig has been pencilled in for Wednesday 10th Jan. 2018 @ Millennium Hall, Birkhill from 2-3pm. ( This one was provisionally booked following our class today)

Songs practised:

  • Memory songs: Rockin’ All Over the World & Rock Around the Clock
  • We’re Not Going To take It – one or two blips (we miss you Denis!). Brenda was pleasantly surprised or maybe just surprised!
  • Hooked On A Feeling v1.1 – sounding pretty good.
  • We tried Revolution and Somethinbg in the Air in other keys and think that D is our preferred key. We may put these into a Revolution medley.
  • New song, Bob Dylan Medley, went down well for inclusion in Scottish Parliament and also Charity Concert.
  • New song, The Bare Necessities also went down well. Our three kazoo experts did particularly well and will no doubt be joined by a few others.
  • Those Were the Days My Friend – coming along well
  • Buddy Holly Medley – one or two areas are still to be clarified with this one, but will be good four our concert.

Another great week for Dee Ukes. Thanks all. 🙂





Fun at Storyville House

What a lovely experience we had for our first visit to Storyville House in Kirriemuir. The residents and visitors there soon got into singing mode. Helen was the first to show off her dance moves. We were delighted when Nan, with the help of her walking aid, literally danced her way along the corridor to join us. She kept up the dancing and soon had our Pat in her sights who duly obliged by getting up and giving her a little dance. Well done Pat and Nan! 🙂 Not to be outdone, we even had Sonny the parrot joining in with some of the songs. At the end of our performance we had lots of very positive feedback with requests to come back soon.



It is just so rewarding to do what we do with every experience being unique and special. Many thanks to the staff there for the tea/coffee and scones!




Some of you will have seen the article about our win in the Guide and Gazette which is distributed in Broughty Ferry and Carnoustie. Thanks Alan for creating this collage. 🙂