Fun in Kirrie

Dee Ukes were back to Glebe Court in Kirriemuir where we haven’t been since April 2017, so it was nice to meet up with some familiar faces again. We are always made to feel so welcome there and soon our audience was singing along with us. We even persuaded Margaret and Agnes to dance the Slosh with Pat. They were rewarded with a big round of applause and a hug from Pat. Great fun! We’ll be back next March! 🙂

Dee Ukes @ Glebe Court, Kirriemuir 18/07/18

Can you see what the picture is on the door behind us? Nice touch!

17/07/18 Round Up:

  • New gig: Tuesday 11th September 2018, 7.15 – 8.15pm, Carnoustie Muirdrum Rural, Erskine Church Hall, Carnoustie.
  • Songs practised:
    • Strumalong/Singalong:
      • Da Doo Ron Ron (We will add this to our Master Concert Playlist as number 48) Click here for a copy. 2018 Master Playlist Updated 17th July
      • Hello Mary Lou
      • Bring Me Sunshine
      • Beautiful Sunday
    • Cotton Field/Pick A Bale of Cotton
    • Spread A Little Happiness
    • Chatanooga Choo Choo
    • I’ll See You In My Dreams
    • Grandma’s Feather Bed
    • When You Walk In the Room

Next week we will be having our party. I am really looking forward to hearing all the party pieces. Please note we will be in the big hall for our party. 🙂





Trip to Montrose

Dee Ukes had a lovely run up the coast to Fordmill Care Home in Montrose. We had a great time with an audience of over 30 people including staff members and relatives. The service users really enjoyed our music and there were calls for us to come back again, even before we had finished! As always there were a few stand out service users. One wheel chair lady in the corner was so excited to join in with the singing. Syd knew all of the songs and even asked for a Jim Reeves song when we go back. He later added not to leave it too long! Another lovely lady called Ella, who we found out later was 92, struggled to her feet and with support, had a valient go at doing the Slosh. Well done to her and the others who took to the floor. Julia, the Activities’ Co-ordinator for Fordmill, was wonderful with the service users, who all adore her. The hospitality we received from all the staff was great. We even enjoyed home made cookies and flap jacks. Tasty! What a terrific afternoon. 🙂

Dee Ukes @Fordmill Care Home, Montrose 12/07/18

Dee Ukes @ Fordmill Care Home, Montrose 12/07/18

Carnoustie Gala Day + More!

To complete yet another busy week, a few strangely dressed Dee Ukers appeared on a float travelling around Carnoustie as part of Carnoustie Gala Day. The float, designed by Ken Johnston, looked amazing. The theme was Ali Baba and the Forty Gowfers to acknowledge the Open Golf competition being held in Carnoustie. Carnoustie streets were lined with hundreds of smiling spectators, some of whom were singing along to our songs, despite the pipe band marching right behind us! They sounded great, but we managed to hold our own! 🙂 Here are a few photos of us on the float. Many thanks to Libby and Laura-May from Two Sisters Cafe for inviting us to join them and help promote their Food Is Free campaign.



Carnoustie House Grounds was a spectacle to see with thousands of people taking advantage of the brilliant sunshine and all that the Gala had to offer for children and adults alike. What an amazing time we had.

We were lucky enough to meet a lovely young man called Niall Mitchell who spent quite a bit of his time taking some fantastic Photographs of us in the park. Many thanks Niall.

Many thanks also to Max Fordyce for taking the following brilliant photographs.

Here are a few other photos  taken on the day.


Liz being shown how to do the Floss @ Carnoustie Gala Day.


It has been great weather for Gala Days and ukulele gigs. Dee Ukes were on stage at Coldside Gala Day where the crowds were enjoying the sunshine as well as the entertainment.


Dee Ukes @ Coldside Gala day, Hilltown Park 30/06/18

Dee Ukes also had a trip to Kirriemuir this week to entertain at Storyville House. One lady danced all the way across the room supported by her walking frame! Another gentleman got into the spirit of things by making his walking sticks do the dancing! It’s great to see music being enjoyed despite frailty and other health issues. Some people show remarkable spirit!

Dee Ukes @ Storyville House, Kirriemuir 05/07/18

Many thanks to our Maggie who treated us all to a mini banquet as a thank you for her birthday gifts. What a star!

party food


03/07/18 Round Up:

  • New gigs:
    • Wednesday 3rd October 1-2pm – Kirrie Day Care, Glebe House DD8 4DP
    • Monday 22nd October 2-3.45pm – Over 60s Club, Gerard Hall, Monifieth
    • Monday 7th January 2019 2-3.45pm – Over 60s Club, Gerard Hall, Monifieth
    • Thursday 14th February – 2-4pm (break in middle), St Luke’s Church Women’s Guild, West Queen Street, B/F
  • Songs practised:
    • Bye Bye Gloomy Days
    • Five Foot Two Medley
    • Oh You Beautiful Doll
    • Chatanooga Choo Choo
    • Lily of Laguna / On Mother Kelly’s Doorstep
    • Spread A Little Happiness
    • Music Hall Medley
    • Yellow Submarine
    • She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain
    • Cotton Fields/Pick a Bale Of Cotton

Wow! What a week! In the words of Mame ” Who says we auldies can’t have fun!” It’s Funday every day for Dee Ukes.

Boomerang Club

Dee Ukes had their first visit today to the Boomerang Lunch Club in Kemback Street. The Boomerang Community Centre offers many different activities for various groups. Click  here if you wopuld like to find out more.

We were entertaining in the dining room where the members had just enjoyed their lunch. We had a great singalong, with Pamela in particular loving every song we sang. She was also happy to get up and have a dance. Two other members proved to be Slosh experts!

Many thanks to Alison Carr for providing us with tea and cakes!

Dee Ukes @ Boomerang Club, Kemback Street, 28/05/18


Birthday Girl!

70th birthday

We are a few days early, but Dee Ukes had a birthday presentation for Maggie who will be 70 on Friday 29th June. Can’t believe that!

Denis, accompanied by Alice, sang a special song for Maggie for which he had written the words himself.

We all hope you have a lovely birthday on Friday Maggie.

26/06/18 Round Up:

  • New gig – Thursday 11th April 2019, 7.30 – 9pm – Drumgeith WR, St Luke’s Church Hall, Queen Street, Broughty Ferry
  • Dee Ukes’ party will be on Tuesday 24th July which will also be our last class for this session. Classes will resume on Tuesday 4th September at 11.45am. During our ‘break’ there will be the following gigs for those able/willing to attend:
    • Friday 27th July, 2-3pm – Brander HA, Forfar
    • Monday 6th August, 2 -3pm – Riverview Care Home ( I am unable to attend this one)
    • Sunday 12th August – Monifieth Medieval Fair (times tbc)
    • Saturday 18th August, 11.30am – 12 noon – Fintry Church Gala Day
    • Tuesday 28th August, 2 – 3pm – Parkinson’s UK Group, Steeple Church, Nethergate
  • Songs practised:
    • Music Hall Medley
    • Chatanooga Choo Choo
    • Bye Bye Gloomy Days – a new song written by John McCann. I have tweaked a couple of things and there is now a version 1.1. Bye Bye Gloomy Days version 1.1 Thanks John. I am calling this song 1b, so that it sits beside Dee Ukes Ukulele Band as an alternative, when we want a change of opening song.
    • Runaway
    • I’ll Never Find Another You – men sing verse 1, women sing verse 2 and all sing the rest of the song.
    • Cotton Fields/Pick A Bale of Cotton – sounding good with all the banjoleles (more banjoleles making an appearance soon!)
    • Five Foot Two medley

Thanks everyone for another fun class.

thank you


Veterans’ Day in Dundee City Square!


Union Jack

Veterans’ Day – Dundee City Square 23/06/18

Hundreds of spectators, cadets, veterans, current army personnel and reserves turned out for Veterans’ Day (aka Armed Forces Day) in Dundee today.

Prior to the parade from Dundee High School to City Square, there was a variety of entertainment on offer. Dee Ukes were delighted to perform a set of songs which had audience members singing, waving flags and even having a little dance. Great fun!

Following the parade, the inspection of troops and speeches, some entertainers were invited to provide entertainment for the local dignitaries which included Lord Provost Ian Borthwick as well as councillors, military personnel and others from the Education Department. Dee Ukes sang a few more songs which seemed to go down really well. What an honour for us to be included in such a prestigious event. 🙂


The line up of dignitaries @ Veterans’ Day, City Square 23/06/18

Lest We Forget

Wow! Our first ever appearance at the Caird Hall was a great experience. Dee Ukes were a small part of the entertainment which included comedy, singing and dancing for the Lest We Forget variety concert with proceeds going to Rosendael Veterans’ Residence in Broughty Ferry and Erskine House. We were very well looked after by Show Director Margaret Mathers as well as the Stage Manager and other staff members. We received lots of very positive feedback at the end from Staff and audience members alike. Well done Dee Ukes and everyone else who provided such a great evening of entertainment. Our ‘official’ photographer Joan did a great job as always and was even in demand from others, including the show director, to take additional photos. Well done Joan. Here are the photos from our Dressing Room taken pre sound check as well as pre show and photos from the stage. Thanks again Joan. 🙂




Here are some videos of our performance.


Another first for Dee Ukes! Woohoo!

We have also had time to fit in another visit to Midlin Day Care where we met up with some familiar faces as well as some new.

Dee Ukes @ Midlin Day Care Centre 18/06/18




Congratulations must also go to Ann Peters who recently completed the Dundee Race for Life. Well done Ann.


Ann sporting her well deserved medal.