Xmas Extravaganza!

Dee Ukes have had so much Christmas fun this week.

On Monday 11th December we were back on familiar territory when we entertained @ Midlin Day Care Centre where we had a hard act to follow, as Santa had just made an appearance! However, this meant that everyone was in a festive mood, which is just what we like. Many thanks to the service users for their enthusiasm and also to the staff at Midlin for a lovely card and gift.


Dee Ukes @ Midlin Day Care 11/12/17

On Tuesday 12th Dee Ukes had a great time at the Panbride Friendship Group in Carnoustie. Our audience there started off by pulling crackers and adorning their party hats, so that set the scene nicely. We were even given some of their cracker jokes to try out the next day e.g.With what do you cut through giant waves? A sea-saw! 🙂 Our percussion backing group in the audience played brilliantly and kept us together with our timing. A fabulous time was had by all.

Dee Ukes @ Panbride Friendship Group, Carnoustie 12/12/17

On Wednesday 13th December we were lucky enough to be at yet another Christmas Party. This time we were in Forfar at Brander HA where every audience member was wearing a Santa hat and tucking into gooodies when we arrived. They had ‘posh’ crackers with brilliant gifts in them and some pretty good jokes e.g. Why does Santa Claus go down the chimney on Christmas Eve. Because it soots him. Boom. Boom! Everyone had a percussion instrument to play as well as the youngest member of the audience Sophie, who was around 3 or 4. I have to confess this audience was the best yet at the Fa La  La La Las. Following an excellent Christmas singalong, yet more food was brought out and we were treated to a great supply of Christmas goodies. We even had quite a few raffle winners. Many thanks to Denise and all the others who contributed to such a wonderful afternoon. 

Dee Ukes @ Brander HA, Forfar 13/12/17

Dee Ukes rounded off a brilliant week by entertaining at Glebe House in Kirriemuir where a packed audience was there for a Christmas party and a Christmas meal. One of the audience members, called Alice, was the star of the show. She was really excited about playing the maracas and did so with terrific enthusiasm. She also treated everyone to some very stylish moves on the dance floor. They were indeed a terrific audience who added greatly to the fun. We each received a little gift from them which was a lovely gesture.

Dee Ukes @ Glebe House, Kirriemuir 15/12/17

10 more sleeps!



Ho! Ho! Ho!

Christmas excitement is gearing up for Dee Ukes.

Festive fun continued @ the Finmill Centre on Friday 1st December where there were several groups providing some great entertainment for Fintry children and adults. Santa even made an appearance!


Dee Ukes then headed across the Tay Bridge to entertain the lovely people @ Riverview Lodge Care Home. Jenny always helps to involve the residents there and has endless enthusiasm. Thanks Jenny. 🙂


Dee Ukes @ Riverview Lodge Care Home 04/12/17


Today Dee Ukes were entertaining @ Oakland Day Centre where all of the visitors were provided with tambourines or maracas. Some proved to be a great backing group with a tremendous sense of rhythm. Ruby demonstrated great enthusiasm for enjoying music and a singalong. We had a lovely time with them all. 🙂 The audience also obliged by joining us to sing Happy Birthday to our Mame. It was also great to have Bette back with us today. 🙂

Many thanks to the Centre for providing us with tea/coffee and home-made shortbread. Delicious!

Dee Ukes @ Oaklands Day Centre 07/12/17


Watch this space for more festive fun.


Next week will be a real test of Dee Ukes’ stamina!

Ho! Ho! Ho!


Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday

We were delighted to present Denis with a few gifts to celebrate his special birthday which is actually not until 2nd December. Hope you and all your family have a fabulous time on Saturday, Denis. You will have to listen to A Song For Denis to understand why he is wearing this rather fetching pink wig.


Pat wrote a special song for Denis which you can hear below. Thanks Pat.

Denis, who has written many songs for various group members, replied in his own special way. (Apologies for abrupt ending but my phone ran out of storage space!) Thanks Denis.


Dee Ukes also visited Dundee Stroke Recovery Club in Lochee Parish Church Hall today, for the first time. There was a real Christmas party atmosphere as tables were set out with Christmas food and crackers and we even had a table to ourselves. Many thanks to the organisers. As if that wasn’t enough Bill was presented with a huge birthday cake, so it was a double celebration. We sang some of our current playlist as well as Christmas carols and the audience was great at joining in.  Well done to three ladies who surprised themselves when they got up and managed to dance the Slosh along with Dee Ukes’ expert Sloshers. Everyone was delighted to see their efforts.

Dee Ukes @ Dundee Stroke Recovery Club 30/11/17

Well, December starts tomorrow and Dee Ukes look forward to a very busy month full of festive fun. 🙂


Oops! I forgot to mention that we were in the news today! Woohoo! In case you didn’t see it, here is a copy of what was in today’s Courier. Thanks Alan for that.

Shame they got the venue wrong! Not sure if I like my new title! Still, well done again to everyone. 🙂





It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas …

Dee Ukes got into the Christmas spirit early this year when they went along to the Overgate Shopping Centre to play and sing Christmas Carols. What a lot of fun we had! We had a group of ‘fans’ gathered on the upper floor looking down on us and joining in, particularly with the Fa La La La Las!

Many thanks to all members for coming along. You all looked and sounded great. Thanks again to our photographer Joan who always does a great job. 🙂

We couldn’t believe how many people put money in the bucket for Dundee Children’s Charity. Dundee people are very generous! 🙂

Finally our Jim provided the encore all by himself!

Lots more exciting Christmas Events to squeeze in before 25 December. Ho Ho Ho!


… And Here Are The Photos!

Following on from our previous Blog, here are the photos which were taken @ Maggie’s Dundee when we presented a cheque for £2731.38 which was a fantastic amount! Many thanks again to all who contributed, by donating, attending our various gigs and concerts or just by taking part.



Didn’t We Do Well!



Many thanks to all who attended our sell-out concert at the end of October and supported Maggie’s Dundee. We all had an amazing time. Along with much appreciated donations we have received at our many gigs over the last 18 months we have raised the fantastic total of £2731.38! We hope to have some photographs of the presentation to Maggie’s in due course.

Many thanks also to all my fellow Dee Ukers for all your enthusiastic support and attendance at the many gigs and concerts we have enjoyed over the months and years.

Speaking of which, some of us had the pleasure of entertaining today at Lyell Court in Kirriemuir. What a lovely group of people. We even had Marguerite doing the Slosh in her chair as she used to love dancing it. She certainly remembered when to kick! Our Marge did a solo Slosh, much to the entertainment of everyone. We even managed to sing a few Christmas songs as they had their Christmas tree up and decorations around the room.


Dee Ukes @ L yell Court, Kirriemuir 24/11/17


November Gigs So Far

Following the excitement of the Scottish Parliament and our concert Dee Ukes for Maggie’s Dundee, we have continued to be busy with various gigs.

On 2nd November, 14 of us travelled to Arbroath to entertain at Seaton Grove Care Home in Arbroath. Visitors came from other community groups to join in with a bit of a singalong.


Dee Ukes @ Seaton Grove Care Home, Arbroath 2/11/17

On 3rd November we had the privilege of being part of a charity concert organised by Steven Peters which took place in St Luke’s Church, Broughty Ferry.  Other acts included brilliant pupils from Harris Academy and other schools who displayed great skill playing their violins. We were also very impressed with the enthusiasm they demonstrated for Dee Ukes. We even had a few of them along with other audience members taking to the isle and dancing the Slosh! It was a very surreal moment.


Other acts at the St Luke’s concert included the amazing Vintage Girls and a very talented tenor singer,  David Wislon-Wynne who very kindly sent the following message to Dee Ukes:    You guys were simply fantastic last night as St Luke’s Concert! Such an inspiring group of people, I just couldn’t stop smiling! Well Done  😀

tenor singer

Steven himself rounded off a brilliant evening by playing two amazing piano pieces. What a talented man! This proved to be yet another very special event for Dee Ukes. 🙂


On Friday 10th November, we were back to Ward Road where the members of DBPSS at Ward Road never fail to impress us with their singing and enthusiasm. Rose asked us to do a Christmas song and we were able to oblige, although it is a bit early! The staff donned garlands and entered into the swing of things. There were a number of great male singers sitting directly in front of us. Everyone was treated to sausage rolls cakes and biscuits at half time. Lovely! Andy always checks my bottle to see if it contains water. (I can’t imagine why!) He went one step further this time and treated me to a bottle of wine! Wow! Thank you Andy. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos taken at St Luke’s Church or Ward Road. However, recently there have been plenty of photographs of Dee Ukes!


What a great start to November! Thanks all.