Tips for Beginners

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Click on the links below to get started! Don’t panic! As well as going to classes there are many useful websites for those with some PC skills. See list below.

  • Coustie provides a comprehensive article for beginning uke-sters to master their first 21 chords.
  • Ukulele sizes and parts – Description of different sizes of ukulele and named parts. Try out different sizes before you buy.
  • Tuning – You must learn how to tune your ukulele before you start! Tuners can be bought from me at the class. An online tuner is available at as another option.
  • Chord chart – Basic Chord Families
  • Basic Strum Patterns – Start with the easy patterns listed first and work your way through to find out your favourites!
  • Strumming Practice Keys C, G, D and F – Practice different strum patterns with these simple chord combinations
  • Finger Stretching Exercises These exercises will help to build up strength in your fingers. I copied them from Barry Maz at Start with the basic exercises. Once they become easy move on to the intermediate exercises. The more advanced exercises are worth trying once you have been playing for a while. I still cannot keep up with the stretches Barry can do!


Useful websites:


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