Jeff Burton Tutorials

Follow Jeff Burton’s tutorials for ukulele beginners. They include all the simple chords as well as a wealth of useful tips.

Lesson 1 – Ukulele sizes / tuning / C chord / Row Row Row Your Boat

Lesson 2 – Chords C, F, G7 / scale / strumming

Lesson 3 – Chords Bb, C7 / review C, F, G7 & strumming

Lesson 4 – Chords C, Am, F, G7 (Key C)

Lesson 5 – Chords F, Dm, Bb, C7 (Key F)

Lesson 6 – Recap on first 5 lessons. Advice on the way forward. (I particularly like Jeff advising that you  join a ukulele group!)

Lesson 7 – Minor chords: Am, Dm, Em / simplifying a complex song

Lesson 8 – The right hand: using fingernails, playing a waltz

Lesson 9 Part 1 – “The Crawdad Son” strum pattern and hammering on

Lesson 9 Part 2 – Play “The Crawdad Song” using techniques shown in Lesson Part 1


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