Dee Ukes Summer Party

Well, Dee Ukes sure know how to party! We had such a great time on Tuesday @ Finmill Centre where Denis started proceedings by singing a specially composed song for Liz who recently had a birthday ( not a special one as had been thought – there’s a clue in the song if you listen carefully ) However, it was still greatly appreciated. Thanks Denis. 🙂

I have had problems with uploading the videos and they won’t play in the normal way, but hopefully by clicking on the link Denis sings a song for Liz you will see and hear his clever words.

As if birthday surprises last week weren’t enough, I was then presented with a whole bag full of goodies.

Each gift came with a clue – see below.

  1. Some new instruments for you.












2. Hope this is useful in an emergency.


Complete with Chord book, strings, strap, finger pick, tuner and 1 extra little gift – a Winner’s badge. Did I mention we won an Award recently?


3. This will help you get down from the ceiling. (Moi, get high! Never!)


4. Your favourite saying.


5. After a long day.


A lovely bag to keep it all in.


As if all of the above wasn’t enough,  I also received a voucher for M & S. Lucky me! Thank you all so much for your generosity, sense of humour and endless fun. 🙂


On with the party pieces. Just click on the names and you should be taken to the videos. We had no shortage of people willing to do a turn. Everyone was fantastic! You will have to click on the back arrow after each video to get back to the Blog.

Jim singing Crinan Canal for Me and Messing About on the River.

Margaret singing  New Zealand song called Pamia. Margaret is also wearing a Maori dress.

George singing Please Don’t Bury Me.

Alan playing Yellow Rose of Texas.

Alice & Denis singing City of New Orleans.

After we had all tucked into lots of delicious food, the party pieces continued.

John started the second half by singing The Fields of Athenry.

Brenda followed on with a hilarious rendition of The Cock-adoodle-doo Song.

Bob singing On The Road Again.

Maggie singing an Irish song called Come By The Hills.

Barbara singing For You. 

Just 3Folk singing The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

Hopefully, you can all see the videos. I’m sure you will agree we have lots of talented people in Dee Ukes. 🙂

Many thanks again to all for a great party and if you are not attending any of the next three gigs, then I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 15th August.

Glebe House Gig


Dee Ukes @ Glebe House, Kirriemuir 26/07/17

Dee Ukes managed to fit in another gig this week when we returned to visit Glebe House Day Care Centre in Kirriemuir. Our audience soon settled down with their percussion instruments ready to be our backing group. As well as some regular songs we played a few new songs and I’m pleased to say we literally got the thumbs up from them. Helen was particularly enthusiastic about joining in with the singing and shaking her maracas (which were really plastic bottles filled with rice or peas). Helen took to the dance floor for the very last song and was joined by Willie. It was lovely to see all the smiling faces in front of us throughout our little concert. Great fun as always.







Across the Water

Dee Ukes were back to Riverview Lodge Care Home today for another visit to the lovely residents and visitors there. Jenny always makes us feel so welcome and she works hard at getting the residents involved with singing and enjoying the music. Staff and residents alike are always so appreciative of our efforts. At the end we discovered we had a birthday girl in our midst, so Jenny immediately dashed off and returned with cake and a lit candle for Alice. Thanks Jenny – a lovely moment!

Alice receiving her birthday cake from Jenny @ Riverview Lodge Care Home


Dee Ukes @ Riverview Lodge Care Home 24/05/17


NB: Sunday Sessions is on this  Sunday, 28th May. I forgot to mention it at our class. For those who are able to attend, Dee Ukes will sing All I have to do is Dream and I Guess it Doesn’t Matter Anymore. Hope you can make it.

23/05/17 Round Up:

  • New gig – Panbride Friendship Circle in Carnoustie wish us to entertain them either on Tuesday 19th December or Tuesday 9th January. The organiser is to get back to me with a definite date. Whichever date is agreed, it would mean cancelling our class for that day. They have a big hall, so our class could effectively be held in Carnoustie! 🙂
  • We have been invited to attend a Happy Ukes Social Evening in Alison’s Bar on Friday 9th June, starting at 7.30pm. There will be a free buffet and an opportunity to perform or just sit back and enjoy the fun.

Songs practised:

  • Elvis Mega Medley version 1.2 – Sounding good.
  • Memory Songs – Rockin’ All Over the World & Rock Around the Clock – we’ll keep working on memorising both.
  • Beautiful Sunday in G – Sounding good already.
  • We’ll meet Again / White Cliffs of Dover – Coming along well, despite having a few tricky chords. It just needs practice.
  • I Guess it Doesn’t Matter Anymore Version 1.1  – Sounding good.
  • We’re Not Going To Take It – It has been a few weeks since we practised this one so we sang it a couple of times. It’s coming along well.

Before we knew it, it was time to stop! Time flies by when you are having fun. 🙂



Fun in the Ferry!

17th May 2017

Dee Ukes @ St James Church, Broughty Ferry 17/05/17

Dee Ukes had their first visit to St James Church in Fort Street Broughty Ferry as part of the church’s Three Golden Days Event. We were greeted with a large hall, beautifully set out with lovely table cloths and best teacups/saucers! The hall very quickly filled up with an anticipatory audience along with a reporter from The Courier!

Following an initial speaker, we were invited to start the entertainment. What an enthusiastic audience they turned out to be. We certainly were carried along with their singing, clapping and cheering. Looking out at so many happy faces is indeed so rewarding for us. We can’t wait for a return visit which has been promised. We even had one member, Sheena, gallantly doing the ‘Morecambe & Wise dance’ at the end, following some encouragement from Pat!

Another member of the audience was inspired to say she intends to get her own ukulele! We may have an extra player to join us when we return. Brilliant! 🙂

We didn’t need much encouragement to join in with the exercise session at the end. This was followed by a huge amount of home-made goodies. Many thanks to all at St James Church for their warm welcome, hospitality and for their sense of fun.

PS – There may be more photos to follow!


16/05/17 Round Up:

  • New gig – Sunday 4th June, event time is 1-3pm – our time slot tbc – Volunteer Celebration Event @ Fairfield Sports Club ( recently taken over premises from Drumgeith Sports Pavilion) Event will be indoors.
  • New gig – Monday 15th January 2018 – 2-3.30 ish- Downfield Mains Church, Haldane Street – small hall 10-12 requested.
  • Medieval Fair Riverview Park – Sunday 18th June – Running order Running Order Excel 170507 (Revision 4) (1) We are in Marquee 1 from 1.30-1.45pm. We are on Stage from 2.25 – 2.50pm.
  • Ticket sales are currently sitting at 59 which is really good considering they have only been on sale for two weeks and the concert is 5 months away!
  • We will be stopping the class for a short break on Tuesday 1st and Tuesday 8th August.

We practised the following:

  • Elvis Presley Mega Medley (35 on list) – we discussed various options for the ending of Teddy bear as well as some timing issues. I have now done version 1.2 which we will go over next week. (slight changes!)
  • Memory Songs – Rockin’ All Over the World (5) Rock Around the Clock (18) – the latter needs more work to memorise -we will keep practising.
  • I Guess It Doesn’t Matter Anymore v1.1 (41) – no problems with this one.
  • Beautiful Sunday in F – generally we feel it is better in the key of G. This version is now available on our Current Songsheets tab. This song lends itself to dancing the Slosh. See below. ( Not sure about the ‘diagonal’ bit!) We will get some volunteers next week! I have also added a school staff doing the dance! (no diagonal!)

We looked again at some possible songs for the Festival of Politics. (FoP)

  • Human by Rag n Bone Man – many felt this one is not suitable so we will leave it meanwhile.
  • Hooked on a Feeling by Swede – we are becoming more familiar with the tune and just need to try it on our own now!
  • History by One Direction – we listened to the You Tube video and tried a bit for ourselves – we will try again next week.
  • We finished off with Blame It On The Ukulele for a bit of light relief!

Yet another great week for Dee Ukes. Thanks all! 🙂



Party Time At Douglas Sports Centre!

Dee Ukes attended a very special event called Going for Gold in Douglas Sports Centre today when various community groups came together for a fun day with the theme of Playground Games. The morning was spent with the various groups taking part in a variety of games. It was quite competitive as there were certificates and medals on offer!

We were providing the lunch time entertainment. What a fantastic time we all had as all of the participants were soon singing along and up on the dance floor to many of the songs. One of the staff called Michael was a born entertainer and had everyone in stitches with his antics. Staff members entertained everyone with their own competitive games including hula hooping. For the very last song Michael, along with another staff member, did not hesitate to do the ‘Morecambe and Wise dance’. Others started a conga going around the large hall. What a brilliant atmosphere!

Of course, not to be outdone, a few Dee Ukes members had a go at the hula hoop challenge with varying degrees of success! No prizes for us! It was great to see so many smiling happy faces throughout the afternoon! 🙂


09/05/17 Round Up

  • New gigs:
    • Monday 31st July 2-3.15pm @Lousen Park, Park Avenue, Carnoustie DD7 7HZ
    • Tuesday 6th March 2018 7.30pm start @ Douglas/Mid Craigie Church (Guild), Balbeggie Place DD4 8RD
  • Tickets now on sale for Dee Ukes for Maggie’s Dundee concert @ The Space. This year you can book specific seats.

Final Poster A4

Songs practised:

  • Elvis Presley Mega Mix – no problems with this one.
  • Memory songs: Rockin’ All Over the World & Rock Around the Clock – Most people are fine with Rockin’ All Over the world, but still need additional work to memorise Rock Around the Clock (including myself!)
  • We are considering 6 songs for the Scottish Parliament and will select the best 2 or 4
    • We’re Not Going to Take it – didn’t practise today, but is a strong contender for Edinburgh
    • House of Gold – didn’t practice today
    • Human – looked at the chords and practised singing along with the video to familiarise ourselves with the tune.
    • Hooked on a Feeling – listened to the video and looked at the chords. Will try to play next week.
    • Make You feel My Love – Tried this one, but felt it isn’t suitable for Scottish Parliament. May keep for another occasion.
    • History – will try next week hopefully.
  • Playground Songs version 1.2 – We practised this for Douglas Sports centre. It sounds good with the bass added.
  • Another new song! – I Guess it Doesn’t Matter Anymore – After a quick look at the chords we played and sang this one with no problems. Well done everybody. 🙂 This is now on the Songsheets section of our website.
  • We sang Beautiful Sunday in 3 different keys and selected the key of F which can now be downloaded from the website. We will try it next week.

Hare are the videos for Human by Rag n Bone Man and Hooked on a Feeling by Swede.

Thank you all for your hard work and patience, especially with so many new songs on the go! You are all stars!


News From Forfar

Dee Ukes @ Beech Hill House, Lour Road, Forfar 04/05/17

Dee Ukes spent a lovely sunny afternoon at Beech Hill House in Forfar. Before we started, one of the residents, Frank,  was chatting to us about the ukulele and I taught him how to play the chord of C. He told us he used to be in a choir and once we started singing Frank demonstrated that he still has a great singing voice. He knew the words of most of our songs. Senior Social care Officer, Dave Sutherland, told me he had bought a ukulele following our previous visit, but hadn’t yet learned to play it. Dave produced his ukulele and handed it to Frank who duly played along to some of our songs with his newly acquired skill – the C chord.

The staff were brilliant with the residents, encouraging them to join in and helping to create a great atmosphere throughout the afternoon. Frank was quick to come over at the end and give some very positive feedback. Thank you Frank. Dave was also taught the chord of C and as we were leaving he was entertaining the residents with Row Row Row Your Boat and had them all singing along. Brilliant! Next time we visit I think we will have an extra band member, possibly two! Many thanks for the tea and biscuits.

02/05/17 Round Up:

  • New gigs:
    • Wednesday 26th July – Glebe House, Kirriemuir 1-2pm
    • Friday 10th November – DBPSS, Ward Road, 1.30 – 3pm
    • Friday 15th December – Glebe House, Kirriemuir 10.45 – 11.45am


  • Memory Songs – Rockin’ All Over the World & Rock Around the Clock
  • Possible Scottish Parliament Songs:
    • We’re Not Going To Take It v1.5 – This is getting better every week. We are even starting to sing it with a ‘bit of attitude’!
    • One Way Or Another – We tried this in a higher key and the outcome was Na Na Na Na Na Na Nanana!
    • House of Gold – The tune is becoming more familiar each week. Most people like it, so we will keep practising for the time being.
    • We listened to Human by Rag n Bone Man and agreed it has potential. You can listen to it again here.   
    • Another suggestions is Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede
    • Another suggestion is History by One Direction
  • New Song – We tried our Elvis Presley Mega Medley which should prove to be popular at Midlin as well as perhaps the concert Strumalong.

Let’s hope the sun keeps shining. See you all soon.

Back to Midlin!

Dee Ukes returned to Midlin Day Care today. It seems like no time since we were last there. There were a a number of ‘weel kent’ faces in the audience as well as a few new faces. We got off to an early start and as always Midlin visitors soon got into the swing of things. We had additional people appearing from time to time from the office and from the kitchen! I’m sure they didn’t want to miss out on all the fun. There were a couple of young students from Germany doing work experience. I made it my mission to get one of them, Simon, to join in with the singing and dancing before the afternoon was over. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise until the end that he was in fact from Germany. Despite a few language issues, he was a great sport and joined in with the dancing. He even took our group photo. Thanks Simon! 🙂


Dee Ukes @ Midlin Day Care, 24th April 2017

25/05/17 Round Up:

  • Next gig: Thursday 4th May 2-3pm @ Beech Hill House, Lour Road, Forfar. There is a map on the Events tab.
  • New gig (just arranged today): Wednesday 7th February 2018, 2-3pm – Lochee Parish Church Ladies Group – 191 High Street DD2 3HG
  • Reminder that Sunday Sessions will be on this Sunday 30th April, starting at 7pm. Dee Ukes will sing our Al Jolson Medley, You Made Me Love You / Baby Face.  Our special guests will be Jim and Susie Malcolm. It should be a great evening.
  • Memory Songs: Rockin’ All Over the World & Rock Around the Clock.
  • We’re Not Going To Take It – version 1.5. This song continues to get better every week. Keep practising the ‘tricky’ bits!
  • One Way Or Another – We decided the key was too low for this song, so I have transposed it to the key of D. We will try this next week. You can print it from here. One Way or Another v2 in D
  • Playground Songs – We played the shorter version and it is much better.
  • Country Roads – Sounding good.
  • Home Medley – We hadn’t played this for a while and it was lovely!
  • When You Walk in the Room – Sounding good.
  • New Song – House of Gold by Twenty one Pilots – Our first attempt at this was pretty good. This song has quite a catchy tune. We will try again next week.
  • We finished off a busy session with Leaving On A Jet Plane.

Many thanks again to all for coming along and working hard.

Our thoughts are with those who are still feeling under the weather. Hope to see you soon. 🙂

Menzieshill Gig + 18/04/17 Round Up

Today we had our first visit to Servite House, Dickson Avenue. What a lovely venue with stunning views from where we were sitting! We were greeted by Jack, who at the grand age of 102, was able to give us a full account of his father’s and grandfather’s businesses in the ship building industry. What an amazing memory he has! Jack also gave a vote of thanks at the end. Well done Jack. Others in the audience were great as well, singing along, smiling cheerily throughout and we even got the occasional cheer! Brilliant! The feedback at the end from a number of people was very positive and there is already talk of us being invited back. In fact we were invited to have our weekly practices there! That would be a first! We were also treated to a lovely cup of tea with cakes and biscuits. Many thanks to Servite House for their hospitality.

Dee Ukes @ Servite House, Dickson Avenue, Menzieshill – 19/04/17

18/04/17 Round Up

  • We started off proceedings by wishing our Jim a very happy 80th Birthday for next week. He received a special card along with a money gift for him to treat himself. Can’t believe he is 80! ( Don’t tell anyone!) Denis wrote a brilliant special song for Jim and presented him with a scroll of the words. Jim assures me he will try to sing it to his family for his birthday. Have a great time next week Jim. 🙂

  • New Gigs / Performances:
    • Monday 5th June, Celebration Evening to recognise volunteers in North east of Dundee communities, @ Ballumbie Primary School. Further details to follow.
    • Wednesday 27th September, Longforgan Church Women’s Guild. Further details to follow.
    • Thursday 28th September – Dee Ukes gig @ Tarriebank House, Marywell, Arbroath DD11 5RH, 2-3.30pm.
    • Tuesday 27th March 2018 – Broughty Ferry New Kirk. Further details to follow.
  • Memory Songs: Rockin’ All Over the World / Rock Around the Clock. 
  • We’re Not Going To Take It – Coming along well. Keep practising.
  • One Way Or Another – We played it initially along with One Direction, then played it on our own, a little bit slower. The C5 and A5 chords can be replaced by chords C and A if preferred. We will try again next week
  • Jim Carey’s Songbook is an amazing resource which is also on the website tab Links/Others Songbooks. You can have a look here if you haven’t already seen it.
  • We’ll Meet Again / White Cliffs of Dover – We will try this for the first time at our gig this week.
  • New York New York – Hopefully Jack will be at Midlin next week to hear our efforts with this one!
  • We listened to House of Gold by Twenty One Pilots and will try this one out next week. The song is on the website in Current Songsheets as well as here. House of Gold.

Many thanks again to everyone for another fun Dee Ukes week. Wishing all suffering from nasty bugs a speedy recovery! Missing you all!